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All vocals sung and instruments played by me. All songs written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by me as well.

(And NO!! I didn't photoshop the image below in any way. Nothing has been modified. Can you figure out what's going on?)


Finally, the album below was the last that I ever wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered on my own:

1. Tea and Coffee in a Parisian Courtyard (0:00)

2. What Doesn't Make Me Stronger Only Kills Me (3:57)

3. To be, or Not to be: That is a Tautology (7:00)

4. Humans Tend to Occupy the Lower Half of Rooms (9:02)

5. I Want My Gravestone to Read "That Individual" (11:28)

6. Everybody is a Nobody to Most People (13:31)

7. I'm So a Loner (16:34)

8. Nothing Moves Me Like Being Pushed (20:00)

9. Always Create Drunk and Evaluate Sober, or Vice Versa (21:51)

10. Nice, Down South (24:53)

11. Of All the Things I've Lost, It's My Mind I Miss the Most (29:00)

12. The Milky Way Galaxy is on a Collision Course with the Andromeda Nebula (32:48)

13. Trapped between the Earth and the Stars (36:31)

14. Out of the Strenuous Briefness (38:54)

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