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Academic Papers:

(Incomplete list below; my CV can be found here.)



2024 The TESCREAL Bundle: Eugenics and the Promise of Utopia through Artificial General Intelligence. First Monday. 29(4). Coauthored with Dr. Timnit Gebru.


2024 Colonization, Consciousness, and Longtermism. The Philosophy of Outer Space Explorations, Controversies, Speculations (edited by Marcello Di Paola and Mirko Garasic). Routledge.


2020 Can Anti-Natalists Oppose Human Extinction? The Harm-Benefit Asymmetry, Person-Uploading, and Human Enhancement. South African Journal of Philosophy. 39(3): 229-245.


2020 The Future of War: Could Lethal Autonomous Weapons Make Conflict More Ethical? AI & Society. 35: 273-282. Coauthored with Steven Umbrello and Angelo F. De Bellis.


2019 Existential Risks: A Philosophical Analysis. Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy. 1-26. DOI: 10.1080/0020174X.2019.1658626.


2018 Superintelligence and the Future of Governance: On Prioritizing the Control Problem at the End of HistoryArtificial Intelligence Safety and Security, edited by Roman Yampolskiy, CRC Press.


2018 Space Colonization and Suffering Risks: Reassessing the Maxipok RuleFutures. 100: 74-85.


2017 Moral Bioenhancement and Agential Risks: Good and Bad Outcomes. Bioethics. 31: 691-696.


2011 Emerging Technologies and the Future of Philosophy. Metaphilosophy. 42(5): 682-707.


2010 Review of Minds and Computers. Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology. 14(2): 158-162.


2009 Transhumanism, Progress, and the Future. Journal of Evolution and Technology. 20(2): 49-69.


2009 A Modified Conception of Mechanisms. Erkenntnis. 71(2): 233-251.

Global catastrophic risk


2024 Ripples on the Great Sea of Life: A Brief History of Existential Risk Studies. In An  Anthology of Global Risk (edited by S. J. Beard and Thomas Hobson). Open Book Publishers. Coauthored with S. J. Beard.


2023 Maniacs, Misanthropes, and Omnicidal Terrorists: Reassessing the Agential Risk Framework. In Intersections, Reinforcements, Cascades: Proceedings of the 2023 Stanford Existential Risks Conference.


2020 Assessing Climate Change’s Contribution to Global Catastrophic Risk. Futures. Coauthored with S. J. Beard, Lauren Holt, Shahar Avin, Asaf Tzachor, Luke Kemp, and Haydn Belfield


2020 Identifying and Assessing the Drivers of Global Catastrophic Risk: A Review and Proposal for the Global Challenges Foundation. Global Challenges Foundation. Coauthored with S. J. Beard


2018 Facing Disaster: The Great Challenges Framework. Foresight. 21(1): 4-34.


2018 Long-Term Trajectories of Human Civilization. Foresight (special issue on existential risks). 21(1): 53-83. Co-authored with: Seth Baum (lead author), Stuart Armstrong, Timoteus Dahlberg, Olle Häggström, Robin Hanson, Karin Kuhlemann, Matthijs Maas, James Miller, Markus Salmela, Anders Sandberg, Kaj Sotala, Alexei Turchin, and Roman Yampolskiy. Won the 2020 Literati Award for “Outstanding Paper.”

2018 Who Would Destroy the World? Omnicidal Agents and Related Phenomena. Aggression and Violent Behavior. 39: 129-138.


2018 Agential Risks and Information Hazards: An Unavoidable but Dangerous Topic? Futures. 95: 86-97.


2016 Agential Risks: A Comprehensive Introduction. Journal of Evolution and Technology. 26(2): 31-47.


2011 Technology and Our Epistemic Situation: What Ought Our Priorities To Be? Foresight. 13(1): 46-57.

2010 Risk Mysterianism and Cognitive Boosters. Journal of Future Studies. 15(1): 1-20.

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