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List of Talks and Media Appearances

(None of these lists are complete.)



2023. Interview about human extinction for The Minefield, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


2023. “How the World Could End. Take Two.” Future Tense, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


2023. “The Immortals - Ep 9: Nerd Rapture.” Intrigue, BBC Radio 4.


2023. “The Philosophy of Effective Altruism and Longtermism.” iHeart Radio.


2023. “Ninety Seconds to Midnight.” Making Contact: Ninety Seconds to Midnight.


2023. “Effective Altruism + Longtermism.” Sea Change Radio.


2021. Interview about longtermism for Counterpoint with Amanda Vanstone, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


2019. “Will Humans Survive the Century?” Analysis, BBC Radio 4.

TV and Film:

2023. TBA. Documentary on the TESCREAL Bundle. Filming at the University of East London. Directed by Dr. Alexander Thomas.

2023. “Is AI Really Coming for Us All?” Al Jazeera English.


2022. Live Debate About Lethal Autonomous Weapons. Al Jazeera Arabic.


2017. “How the World Could End: Killer Robots.” NowThis.



2024. "Human Extinction & Existential Ethics." Futures with Luke Robert Mason. (Forthcoming)

2023. Debate about Transhumanism. with Max More, Natasha Vita-More, David Wood, and Alexander Thomas.

2023. "Existential Risk Controversies." Futurized Podcast with Trond Arne Undheim.

2023. "Helen Versus Sam: The Battle for OpenAI." The Slow NewscastTortoise.


2023. "Effective Altruism, AI, and Existential Risk." Nonzero with Robert Wright.

2023. "How Effective Accelerationism Divides Silicon Valley." Tech Won't Save Us.

2023. "Elon Musk Unmasked: Shaping the Future (Part 4)." Tech Won’t Save Us.


2023. “How TESCREAL and AI Collide.” TWiT Tech Podcast Network, hosted by Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis.


2023. “Human Extinction: A History of the Science and Ethics of Annihilation (Part 1).” The Dissenter.


2023. “The Philosophy of Effective Altruism and Longtermism.” The Dissenter


2023. “Where ‘Effective Altruism’ and ‘Longtermism’ Go Wrong.” Current Affairs Podcast.


2023. “Why Effective Altruism and ‘Longtermism’ Are Toxic Ideologies.” Current Affairs Podcast.


2023. “The TESCREAL Bundle.” Team Human, hosted by Douglas Rushkoff.


2023. “What Is TESCREAL? Émile P. Torres Discusses a Bizarre, New Religion of Technology.” Theory of Change.


2023. “Dr Émile Torres on TESCREAL.” Yeah Nah Pasaran!


2022. “Existential Ethics, Eschatology & Anti-Natalism.” Question Mark? Philosophy.


2023. “Elon Musk’s favorite philosophy: the perils of longtermism.” The Anti-Dystopians.


2023. “Understanding TESCREAL with Dr. Timnit Gebru and Émile Torres.” Dave Troy Presents.


2023. “The Dangerous Ideology of the Tech Elite.” Tech Won’t Save Us.


2023. “The TESCREAL Threat with Dr. Émile Torres.” RADICALIZED: Truth Survives Podcast.


2023. “Is Human Extinction Possible and Should We Care? A Conversation with Émile P. Torres.” Breaking the Spell.


2023. “Bizarre and Dangerous Utopian Ideology Has Quietly Taken Hold of Tech World.” Movement Memos (hosted by Truthout).


2023. “What’s Behind the Race to Create Artificial General Intelligence?” Truthdig Podcast, with Dr. Timnit Gebru.


2023. “Is Longtermism an APOCALYPTICAL CULT? Emile P. Torres on FTX, SBF, Bostrom, Singer, EA, & More.” Darts and Letters.


2023. “The Potential Side Effects Of AI On Human Existence.” Ina O’ Murchu Podcast.


2023. “Émile Torres on Existential Risks, Transhumanism and Longtermism.” Singularity Weblog.


2022. “Don’t Fall for the Longtermism Sales Pitch.” Tech Won’t Save Us.


2022. “The End of the World.” Lost in Thought.

2022. “Longtermism (How bad would human extinction be?).” Center for Inquiry Canada Podcast.


2021. “Understanding Antinatalism.” The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast.


2018. “Eschatology (THE APOCALYPSE).” Ologies, hosted by Alie Ward.



2024. “Understanding the TESCREAL Bundle.” Invited talk, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, UK Government.


2024. Invited talk, hosted by the Working Group on the Global New Right, New York University. TBA.


2024. Invited talk for the Posthumanism Research Institute (PRI), Brock University. TBA.


2024. “Immortality, Superintelligence, and Utopia: Understanding the TESCREAL Bundle of Ideologies and its Implications for Global Justice,” invited keynote address for the Global Justice, Technology, and Integrated Research: Designing and Reflecting on Human-Technology Relations Transdisciplinarily, hosted by International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, Germany.

2023. “Regulating AI and the TESCREAL Bundle of Ideologies.” Invited talk for the AI Governance Forum 2023, "Regulating Emerging AI Technologies and Applications Across Borders," hosted by the AI Transparency Institute.


2023. “What Is the TESCREAL Bundle? And Why Does it Matter?” Invited talk at the “{Futures} loading…” conference, hosted by Leuphana University Lüneburg.


2023. “‘The Dangers of the ‘Galaxy Brain’: A Conversation About Longtermism with Émile P.  Torres.” Invited talk, co-hosted by MIT’s Radius and the Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life.


2023. “Meet the Author,” discussion about Human Extinction: A History of the Science and Ethics of Annihilation.“Entangled in Emergence,” Systemic Design Symposium, hosted by Georgetown University.


2023. “On the History of Thinking About Human Extinction.” Invited talk at the University of Sussex.


2023. “The TESCREAL Bundle of Ideologies.” Invited talk, hosted by UNESCO’s Information For All Programme (IFAP) Working Group on Information Accessibility.


2023. “Human Extinction: A History of the Science and Ethics of Annihilation.” Invited talk, for the Johns Hopkins University/MIT salon series.


2023. “Why Longtermism Can’t Save Us.” By invitation: “Risk Reconsidered: Histories, Theories, Applications.” Hosted by the Calleva Centre for Evolution and Human Science, Magdalen College, Oxford.


2023. “The History of Thinking About Human Extinction.” Invited talk for the “Politics, Philosophy, and International Relations Research Seminar” series, hosted by Swansea University.


2023. “What Is Existential Ethics?” Invited talk hosted by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Science, Bielefeld University.


2022. “Human Enhancement and Biohacking.” Invited talk for the series: “Biohacking: The Limits and Possibilities of Technologically Reimagining Bodies,” hosted by the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge.

2021. “Global Catastrophic Risk and Space Colonization.” The Future of Catastrophic Risk. University of Warwick.


2021. “The Dangers of Dual-Use Technologies.” Guest lecture. Course taught by Dr. Francis Flannery, James Madison University.


2021. “A History of the End of the World.” Envision Conference. Princeton University.

2019. “What Are Existential Risks and Why Should You Care?” Envision Conference. Princeton University.


2019. “Three Paradigms in Existential Risk Studies: Where the Field is Today, and How it Got There.” Envision Conference. Princeton University.


2019. “Climate Change, Engineered Pandemics, and Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the 

Greatest Threats to Civilization this Century.” Guest lecture. Course taught by Dr. Matthew Rendall. University of Nottingham.


2019. “How Tragic Would Human Extinction Be? Convergent Arguments for Making the Survival of Our Lineage a Global Priority.” Ethics and Extinction conference. Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge.


2019. “When Did We Realize That We Could Die Out?” Invited talk. History and Philosophy of Science Department, University of Cambridge


2019. “Existential Risks.” Invited Talk. Center for Human-Compatible AI at the University of California, University of California, Berkeley.


2018. “Existential Risks and Human Enhancement: Responses to Our Increasingly Complex Threat Environment.” Envision Conference. Princeton University.


2018. “Exploring the Interdisciplinary Nature of Existential Risk Research.” Envision

Conference, workshop. Princeton University.


2017. “Introduction to Existential Risks.” Guest lecture. Course taught by Shankar Bhamidi, 

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


2017. “Agential Risks: Implications for Existential Risk Reduction.” Existential Risks to

Humanity Conference. University of Gothenburg.


2017. "Agential Risks: A New Topic for Research.” Invited talk. Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford.


2016. “The End of the World.” Guest lecture. Course taught by Hrvoje Moric, Tecnológico de 

Monterrey University.


2016. “New Atheism and Philosophy.” Guest lecture. Course taught by Peter Boghossian, Portland State University.

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