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May 2023. The COVID Pandemic May Be "Over" — But the Pandemic of Loneliness Is Getting WorseSalonHERE.

May 2023. Are Conservatives at the Daily Wire Really Calling for Trans “Genocide”? Truthdig. HERE.

May 2023. A Short History of EugenicsTruthdig. HERE.

April 2023. Simulated Worlds and Rotating SpacecraftAmbasz Essays, published by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). HERE. 

April 2023. The Bright Side of ExtinctionTruthdig. HERE.

March 2023. Giving Altruism a Bad NameTruthdig. HERE.

February 2023. The Ethics of Human ExtinctionAeon. HERE.

February 2023. Longtermism and Eugenics: A PrimerTruthdig. HERE.

January 2023. Nick Bostrom, Longtermism, and the Eternal Return of Eugenics. Truthdig. HERE.


December 2022. Climate Reparations: It's the Right Thing to Do — And Will Create a Better World for Everyone. Salon. HERE.

December 2022. The Grift Brothers Sam Bankman-Fried, William MacAskill and the moral fraud of Effective Altruism. Truthdig. HERE.


November 2022. What “Longtermism” Gets Wrong about Climate ChangeBulletin of the Atomic Scientists. HERE.

November 2022. What the Sam Bankman-Fried Debacle Can Teach Us about "Longtermism." Salon. HERE.

October 2022. Soup on the Van Gogh: The Painting's Fine, and the Kids Are All RightSalon. HERE.

September 2022. "White Psychodrama" and the Culture Wars: A Self-Reinforcing Cycle, Going Nowhere. Salon. HERE.

September 2022. Selling "Longtermism": How PR and Marketing Drive a Controversial New MovementSalon. HERE.

August 2022: One Potential Side Effect of AI? Human ExtinctionWashington Post. HERE.

August 2022: Understanding "Longtermism": Why this Suddenly Influential Philosophy is so Toxic. Salon HERE.

August 2022: Would "Artificial Superintelligence" Lead to the End of Life on Earth? Salon. HERE.

July 2022: How Elon Musk Sees the Future. Salon. HERE.

April 2022: Elon Musk, Twitter and the FutureSalon. HERE.

October 2021. Against longtermismAeon. HERE.


September 2021. Can We Clean Up the Mess We've Created? Salon. HERE.

July 2021. The Dangerous Ideas of "Longtermism" and "Existential Risk." Current Affairs. HERE.

June 2021. Godless grifters: How the New Atheists merged with the far rightSalon. HERE.


May 2021. Scared Straight: How Prophets of Doom Might Save the WorldBulletin of the Atomic Scientists. HERE.

May 2021. Our Planet, Our Future"—Another Desperate Plea for Humanity to Wake UpCommon Dreams. HERE.

November 2020. The Future of Philosophy is CYBORGPhilosophy NowHERE.

August 2020. Sam Harris and Donald Trump: They're Completely Different ... Yet Very Much AlikeSalon. HERE.

October 2019. Omniviolence Is Coming and the World Isn't ReadyNautilus. HERE.

October 2019. Steven Pinker, Sam Harris and the epidemic of annoying white male intellectuals. Salon. HERE.

June 2019. Should Humans Colonize Space? Filling Space. HERE.

June 2019. It’s Time to Rebel Against the Existential Threat of Climate Change. OneZero. HERE.

January 2019. Steven Pinker's Fake Enlightenment: His Book is Full of Misleading Claims and False AssertionsSalon. HERE.


November 2018. If 2016 Was the Most Important Election in History, This Is Our Chance to Begin Undoing ItSalon. HERE.

July 2018. Why We Should Think Twice About Colonizing SpaceNautilus. HERE.

September 2017. Is This the Best Possible Time to Be Alive? Sounds Ludicrous, Right? Salon. HERE.

August 2017. Beyond "New Atheism": Where do People Alienated by the Movement’s Obnoxious Tendencies Go from Here? Salon. HERE.

July 2017. From the Enlightenment to the Dark Ages: How "New Atheism" Slid into the Alt-RightSalon. HERE.

July 2017. "New Atheist" Sam Harris—Still Deeply Wrong on Islamic Extremism and TerrorismSalon. HERE.

June 2017. Trump’s Scandals are Dangerous: Because They’re Distracting Us from the Grave Threats to Human CivilizationSalonHERE.

May 2017. Today’s Kids Could Live Through Machine Superintelligence, Martian Colonies, and a Nuclear AttackMotherboardHERE.

May 2017. Why the “Conceptual Penis” Hoax was a Bust: It Only Reveals the Lack of Skepticism Among SkepticsSalonHERE.

May 2017. Yet Another Reason Donald Trump is Bad News: He’s Utterly Lacking in “Integrative Complexity” — and That’s DangerousSalonHERE.

April 2017. It's the End of the World and We Know it: Scientists in Many Disciplines See Apocalypse, SoonSalon. HERE.

February 2017. "All Political Leaders Would Rather Be Dictators": Authors of "The Dictator's Handbook" on Whether Trump Can Pull it Off (Interview) SalonHERE.

January 2017. From Startling Insight to Random Insult: A Guide to the Uses and Misuses of "Fake News." SalonHERE.

October 2016. Faith in Ignorance: Politicians Who Quote the Bible Often Don’t Know Anything About the Bible (Interview)SalonHERE.

August 2016. It's Not Alarmist: Trump and the Republican Party Could Destroy the World. TruthoutHERE.

May 2016. "The Evidence is Pretty Incontrovertible that He Doesn't Exist": Stephen Colbert's Favorite Scientist on the Universe, Naturalism and Finding Meaning without God (Interview with Sean Carroll)SalonHERE.

April 2016. We're Speeding Toward a Climate Change Catastrophe—and that Makes 2016 the Most Important Election in a Generation. SalonHERE. Reposted by AlterNet, HERE.

April 2016. Donald Trump Thinks He’s a God. Even Worse, His Supporters AgreeSalon. HERE.

March 2016. Donald Trump Would be Scarier than George W. BushSalonHERE.


March 2016. The Islamic State Would not Be with Us Today if the United States Hadn't Invaded Iraq." (Interview with Will McCants)SalonHERE.

February 2016. This Threat is Worse than ISIS: Once Again, We Don't Understand the Real Enemy. SalonHERE.

February 2016. Biodiversity Loss and the Doomsday Clock: An Invisible Disaster Almost No One is Talking AboutCommon DreamsHERE.


January 2016. We're No. 16! Why Donald Trump's boorish American exceptionalism is so wrong. SalonHERE.

January 2016. Curiosity, Superintelligence, and the Benzene Molecule: Some Notes on a Personal PhilosophyDebunking ChristianityHERE.


January 2016. Donald Trump Talks at a Fourth-Grade Level. Maybe that's Why the Fox News Audience Loves Him. SalonHERE.

Reposted by AlterNet, HERE. HRR


December 2015. Is this how World War III begins? Religion, End Times, Terror and the Frightening New Middle East TinderboxSalonHERE.


December 2015, The United States Is Scarier than the Islamic StateSalonHERE.

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